Our Curriculum

Language Arts

  • Continuous expression and discussion of ideas and experiences
  • Gain confidence in self-expression
  • Listen for purpose, direction, or information

Reading Readiness

  • Develop interest in books
  • Hear like sounds in rhyming words
  • Finger plays – poems
  • Follow sequences
  • Discover likenesses or differences in form, size, number, ideas
  • Interpret pictures
  • Visual and auditory learning
  • Discrimination of alphabet / printing of letters

Math Readiness

  • Shapes, calendar, clock
  • Mathematics workbook
  • Counting, number concept, patterns
  • Vocabulary (large, few, many, etc.)

Social Studies

  • Flag of the United States
  • United States of America as our home
  • Understanding of home and community
  • Work, share, and play safely!
  • Participate as group member
  • Assume responsibilities
  • Holidays
  • Spanish and World Cultures

Health & Safety

  • Recognizing name, address, and telephone
  • Obeying traffic signals
  • Nutrition education
  • Body awareness – daily exercise / daily fitness program


  • Seasons, weather
  • Five senses
  • Computer skills in each classroom
  • Cooking
  • Hands-on-experiments

Other Fun

  • Daily singing (group or individual)
  • Dancing and music appreciation
  • Arts and crafts (easel painting, finger painting, tracing, cutting, coloring, following directions, etc.)
  • Print name

Miss Joan’s Little School is an equal opportunity care provider and does not discriminate based on gender, religion, race, color, ancestry, or disability.