Our Curriculum

Language Arts

Continuous expression and discussion of ideas and experiences

Gain confidence in self-expression

Listen for purpose, direction, or information

Reading Readiness

Develop interest in books

Hear like sounds in rhyming words

Finger plays – poems

Follow sequences

Discover likenesses or differences in form, size, number, ideas

Interpret pictures

Visual and auditory learning

Discrimination of alphabet / printing of letters

Social Studies

Flag of the United States

United States of America as our home

Understanding of home and community

Work, share, and play safely!

Participate as group member

Assume responsibilities


Spanish and World Cultures

Math Readiness

Shapes, calendar, clock

Mathematics workbook

Counting, number concept, patterns

Vocabulary (large, few, many, etc.)

Health & Safety

Recognizing name, address, and telephone

Obeying traffic signals

Nutrition education

Body awareness – daily exercise / daily fitness program


Seasons, weather

Five senses

Computer skills in each classroom



Other Fun

Daily singing (group or individual)

Dancing and music appreciation

Arts and crafts (easel painting, finger painting, tracing, cutting, coloring, following directions, etc.)

Print name


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